Our dove


I told my son to take a picture of her – the dove nesting outside our front door.  She returned to her nest, with her mate, and has been faithfully doing her duty ever since.  I was surprised that they came back because we, umm, trimmed the rosebush before Christmas.  Prior to that, it was nice and full and out of control!  So it was a real joy last week when we noticed that our hack-job on the rosebush hadn’t run them off.  You see, dove are special to us:  we feed them, watch them and listen to them.  Every morning before I get out of bed I pause to listen for the dove and cardinals and whatever bird may be singing to get my day started.  But I find comfort mostly in the cooing of doves.  Yes, it’s a God-thing for me.  I find meaning, strength and purpose in their songs.  Really, when I think about it, I find love.  And so I sent my son out with phone in hand to capture that feeling.  It wasn’t until later, when I finally got around to looking at the picture, that I wanted to cry.  It’s so beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time.  Here is this wonderful creature, the symbol of grace, nestled in a bed of thorns and it doesn’t take much to remind me of the crown worn by the Son.  I didn’t expect to see that in the picture.  To be honest, I hadn’t made the connection before, but there it was, right before me, all along.  It’s times like this that I’m reminded of His mercy, His grace and the meaning of love in a wholly different way.  And as this Easter approaches, I will be even more mindful of our dove and the special meaning she has for me.

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A blessing

May God bless and keep and hold you
through the promise of His grace;
May He love and teach and guide you
through the trials of today.


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Morning Song

From painted sky
that marks the dawn
to gentle breeze
inspiring calm,
I find myself
with worries gone
and thankful for
Your morning song.

A cooling breeze,
birds that sing,
the rising sun
to usher peace –
this beauty speaks
of Love’s resolve
captured in
Your morning song.

So with grateful steps
to greet the day,
with Love in hand
to light the Way,
I tread the path
where I belong
and carry forth
Your morning song.

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